MWTop Ten Marketing Tips

1. Develop a marketing plan for your business. "To fail to plan is to plan to fail"

2. Set a realistic marketing budget and stick to it. This may be a percentage of your sales?

3. Target a specific audience with a defined USP

4. Develop a clear, consistent and integrated marketing message

5. Develop an up-to-date website (currently HTML5 and CSS3) to support your business with relevant online strategies. Don't forget to consider useability issue relavant to those with specific disabilities.

6. Build relationships specific to each of your stakeholders

7. Know your competitors and benchmark your business against the best in your specific industry

8. Develop your own business referral network

9. Answer your calls + reply to your emails and always over-deliver. Talk to your customers and listen to them (both positive and negative)

10. Measure your success. Set targets monitor your results and enquiries and refine these results

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