MWMarket Research

Marketing World can provide and implement a research plan relevant to your organisation, including both online and offline research based studies. At a macro level, we can provide detailed mystery shopper research, compilation and analysis of data and make recommendations based on this research.

Research will enable your company to uncover and track the factors that may be affecting customer satisfaction levels, sales choice, product and advertising results. A more defined research study can prove self funding in the overall marketing strategy. Impartial third party Market Research should form part of your overall marketing strategy. It doesn't need to be the greatest expense in the business but it can return the greatest savings; improve company goodwill and achieve remarkable results for your organisation and your customers. Our research services include:

  • Custom research studies
  • Mystery shopper services
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Analysis of your existing website including Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Online market research surveys which may be integrated into your website
  • Competitor analysis

Why use market research?

Market research provides valuable access to information about your customers and your competitors. It allows you to develop new products relevant to changing consumer trends, advertise in an appropriate format to the correct targeted audience, examine customer satisfaction levels, analyse the results of past promotions, determine if an expense is required and much more.

Marketing Research

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